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Table 2 The final constraints and structural statistics for KR-12-pa

From: NMR structure and bactericidal activity of KR-12 analog derived from human LL-37 as a potential cosmetic preservative

Total number of distance restraints142
 Short range (|i–j| ≤ 1)102
 Medium range (1 < |i–j| < 5)39
 Long range (|i–j| ≥ 5)1
CYANA target function (Å2)0.0079 ± 0.0029
Ramachandran plot regions (all residues) (%)
 Residues in most favored regions67.5
 Residues in allowed regions32.5
 Residues in disallowed regions0
RMS deviations from the mean coordination (residues 3–11) (Å)
 Backbone heavy atoms0.14 ± 0.04
 All heavy atoms0.79 ± 0.13