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Table 1 The cross-reactivity of developed HER-2 and HE4 assay

From: Dual-label time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay for simultaneous measurement of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 and human epididymis protein 4 in serum

Interfering substanceConcentrationHE4/pmol l−1 HER-2/ng ml−1
Observed/pmol l−1 Cross-reactivity (%)Observed/ng ml−1 Cross-reactivity (%)
AFP1000 U ml−1 2.770.282.800.28
CEA500 ng ml−1
T-PSA100 ng ml−1 2.752.750.000.00
CA242200 U ml−1 4.912.460.000.00
CA15335 U ml−1
CA199300 U ml−1 4.031.341.940.65
NSE350 ng ml−1
CA125600 U ml−1
HER-2500 ng ml−1 0.000.00500.00100.00
HE42000 pmol l−1 1949.0097.450.300.02