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Table 1 Comparison between the detection limit of the proposed method with other previously reported methods

From: Fabrication of novel polymer-modified graphene-based electrochemical sensor for the determination of mercury and lead ions in water and biological samples

ElectrodeTechniqueMetal ionDetection limit (μM)Reference
Graphene–MnO2LSVHg2+2Lu et al. 2015
CPE–SBA-15DPASVHg2+0.4Cesarino et al. 2008
GCE/CTDPVPb2+0.8Martinez-Huitle et al. 2010
GCE/PANISWVPb2+0.1Wang et al. 2011
Ag/DHECVPb2+0.76Othman et al. 2016
PGMGPECVHg2+6.6Present work