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Fig. 2

From: UPLC/FT-ICR MS-based high-resolution platform for determining the geographical origins of raw propolis samples

Fig. 2

UPLC chromatograms of EEP samples from South America (b Argentina, c Brazil) and Asia (d China, e Korea). a The chromatogram obtained from polyphenol standards. The numbers and the corresponding dotted lines indicate each phenolic standard. 1 = cinnamic acid; 2 = coumaric acid; 3 = caffeic acid; 4 = chrysin; 5 = pinocembrin; 6 = CAPE; 7 = kaempferol; 8 = artepillin C; 9 = quercetin; 10 = rutin. f Bar graph showing the concentrations of ten phenolic compounds in various EEP samples of different origins

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