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Table 5 Adsorption capacities of various composites for the adsorption of dyes

From: Alginate-coated perlite beads for the efficient removal of methylene blue, malachite green, and methyl violet from aqueous solutions: kinetic, thermodynamic, and equilibrium studies

Adsorbent Dyes Adsorption capacities (mg/g) Reference
Magnetic porous carbon Methylene blue 61.65 Zhang et al. 2017
Chitin/clay microspheres Methylene blue 152.2 Xu et al. 2018
Moroccan clay Crystal violet 12.19 Miyah et al. 2017
Glutamic acid modified chitosan magnetic composite Methylene blue 180 Yan et al. 2013
Modified activated carbon Crystal violet 12.60 Hamidzadeh et al. 2015
Rice hull char Methyl violet 48.7 Xu et al. 2011
Natural zeolite Methylene blue 16.37 Han et al. 2009
Modified clay Malachite green 40.48 Arellano-Cárdenas et al. 2013
Bentonite Malachite green 7.716 Tahir and Rauf 2006
Kaoline Methylene blue 13.99 Al-Futaisi et al. 2007
Superparamagnetic sodium alginate-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles Malachite green 47.84 Mohammadi et al. 2014
Carboxylate functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes Malachite green 49.45 Sadegh et al. 2015
HNT–Fe3O4 composite Methyl violet 20.04 Bonetto et al. 2015
Alginate coated perlite Methylene blue 104.2 Present work
Malachite green 74.63 Present work
Methyl violet 149.3 Present work
Perlite Methylene blue 6.65 Present work
Malachite green 3.87 Present work
Methyl violet 4.98 Present work