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Table 4 Analysis of natural samples

From: Fabrication of In(III)-alizarin red S complex trap for efficient detection of fluoride ion in aqueous environs

Sample Coordinates Amount of F¯ (mM)
Gadkhali launch ghat (S1) 22° 10ʹ 4.70ʺ N, 88° 47ʹ 16.30ʺ E 0.045
Jharkhali launch ghat (S2) 22° 01ʹ 6.20ʺ N, 88° 40ʹ 56.10ʺ E 0.049
Kaikhali launch ghat (S3) 22° 01ʹ 18.42ʺ N, 88° 37ʹ 3.85ʺ E 0.06
Matla (S4) 21° 39ʹ 10.84ʺ N, 88° 36ʹ 22.50ʺ E BDL
Saptamukhi (S5) 21° 41ʹ 3.15ʺ N, 88° 21ʹ 6.55ʺ E BDL
Farm tubewell (S6) 23° 40ʹ 36.94ʺ N, 87° 29ʹ 2.56ʺ E BDL
School tubewell (S7) 23° 53ʹ 57.67ʺ N, 87° 23ʹ 3.39ʺ E BDL