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Table 6 Comparison of the proposed method for SF and VP determination with other reported methods: Determination of VP in presence of SF

From: Eco-friendly analytical methods for the determination of compounds with disparate spectral overlapping: application to antiviral formulation of sofosbuvir and velpatasvir

Determination of VP in presence of SF
Point of Comparison Proposed method Reference (Kamal et al., 2019) Reference (Rezk et al., 2019b) Reference (Attia et al., 2018) Reference (El-Gamal et al., 2018)
Determination method Spectrophotometric determination using NBD-Cl and MBTH reagents and spectofluorimetric determination using NBD-Cl reagent First derivative of ratio spectra and ratio difference spectrophotometry Zero-order spectrophotometric method at 302.5 nm Direct spectrophotometric determination of VP at 339 nm Spectrofluorimetric quantification of VP in methanol at 385 nm and 400 nm
Linearity range (μg/mL) Spectrophotometry, NBD-Cl 5-500 Spectroflourimetry, NBD-Cl 0.5-20 Spectrophotometry, MBTH 5-150 5-45 2-30 4–40 2.0–20.0
LOD (μg/mL) 0.87 0.08 1.03 (1 DD) 0.063 (RD) 0.054 0.38 0.655 0.146 at 385 nm, 0.378 at 400 nm
LOQ (μg/mL) 2.87 0.27 3.44 (1 DD) 0.190 (RD) 0.164 1.16 1.985 0.444 at 385 nm, 1.147 at 400 nm
Applications Synthetic mixture, dosage form Determination of drugs in dosage form Laboratory prepared mixtures and dosage form Determination of drugs in pharmaceutical dosage form Analysis of VP in its commercial tablet formulation