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Table 3 Analytical figures of merit of the applied UA-DSPME/HPLC-DAD method for preconcentration of CBZ

From: MgO-ZnO/carbon nanofiber nanocomposite as an adsorbent for ultrasound-assisted dispersive solid-phase microextraction of carbamazepine from wastewater prior to high-performance liquid chromatographic detection

Analytical figures of merit Values
Regression equation before preconcentration y = 0.073x + 6.7261
Regression equation after preconcentration y = 35.735x + 12.972
Linear range (ng mL−1) 0.1–800
Limit of detection (LOD) (ng mL−1) 0.08
Limit of quantification (LOQ) (ng mL−1) 0.29
Repeatability (RSD, %) (N = 10) 1.4
Reproducibility (RSD, %) (N = 5) 4.2
Preconcentration factor (PF) 490