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Table 3 Adsorption capacities of some adsorbents for Cr(VI) removal

From: Chitosan-coated sour cherry kernel shell beads: an adsorbent for removal of Cr(VI) from acidic solutions

Adsorbent Maximum adsorption capacity (mg/g) Literature
Rice husk carbon 8.80 (Ali 2010)
Natural bentonite 5.50 (Ali 2010)
Citric acid modified walnut shell 30.99 (Altun and Pehlivan 2012)
Modifying Turkish perlite with 훼-MnO2 7.60 (Edebali 2015)
Modifying Turkish perlite with 훾-Fe2O3 8.64 (Edebali 2015)
Fe3O4/Alginate-Ce3+ magnetic composite beads 14.29 (Gopalakannan and Viswanathan 2015)
Citric acid modification of peach kernel shell 25.71 (Parlayıcı 2018)
γ-Fe2O3 nanocrystals 12.50 (Tahar et al. 2018)
Magnetic magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles 34.87 (Rajput et al. 2016)
Coconut charcoal 5.26 (Wu et al. 2013)
Bamboo charcoal grafted by Cu2+-N-aminopropylsilane complexes 17.94 (Wu et al. 2017)
Chitosan-coated sour cherry kernel shell beads (C-SCKS) 24.49 Present work
Sour cherry kernel shell powder (R-SCKS) 13.57 Present work