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Table 1 The results of structural and elemental analyses of sour cherry kernel shell powder (R-SCKS) and chitosan-coated sour cherry kernel shell powder beads (C-SCKS)

From: Chitosan-coated sour cherry kernel shell beads: an adsorbent for removal of Cr(VI) from acidic solutions

Adsorbents R-SCKS C-SCKS
Structural analysis (on basis of dry weight %)
 Ash 1.490
 Extractive 6.98
 Hemicellulose 36.65
 Lignin 37.2
 Cellulose 17.68
Elemental analysis (%)
 Cx 47.95 42.88
 Hx 6.29 5.95
 Ox 44.65 48.22
 Nx 1.11 2.95
  1. XDry and no ash (at 900 °C)