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Table 7 Comparison between the developed method and some preconcentration methods combined with flame atomic absorption spectrometry

From: Determination of copper(II) by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after its perconcentration by a highly selective and environmentally friendly dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction technique

Preconcentration method Chelating agent Disperser Extraction phase LOD (μg L−1) PF or EF CI (mL) Ref.
CPE Me-BDBD   Triton X-114 1.5 14 0.71 Lemos et al. 2007
CPE ARS Triton X-114 1.07 21 0.57 Şatıroğlu and Arpa 2008
CPE Br-PADAP Triton X-114 1.5 25 2.0 Xu et al. 2013
DLLME HOX Methanol Chloroform 3.0 42 0.24 Farajzadeh et al. 2008
DLLME Ethanol 1,2-DCB 0.50 Mohammadi et al. 2009
IL-DLLME TMK Acetone ([Hmim][Tf2N] 0.45 136.6 0.073 Khani et al. 2011
UA-IL-DLLME H2L Acetone [HMIM][PF6] 1.9 56 0.18 Rajabi et al. 2014
SS-LPME PAN Triethylamine 1.8 25 0.85 Yilmaz and Soylak 2015
Ss-LLME Dimethyl dithiocarbamate 1-decanol 0.52 53 0.19 Yilmaz and Soylak 2014
DLLME Salophen Acetone Chloroform 0.60 49 0.20 This work
  1. PF preconcentration factor, EF efficiency factor, CI consumptive index, LOD limit of detection, CPE cloud point extraction, DLLME dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction, UA-IL-DLLME ultrasound-assisted ionic liquid-based dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction, SS-LPME switchable solvent-based liquid-phase microextraction, Ss-LLME Supramolecular solvent-based liquid–liquid microextraction, Br-PADAP 2-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo)-5-(diethylamino)phenol, 1,2-DCB 1,2-dicholorobenzene, Me-BDBD 6-[20-(60-methyl-benzothiazolylazo)]-1,2-dihydroxy-3,5-benzenedisulfonic acid, ARS Alizarin Red S, [Hmim][Tf2N] 1-hexyl-3-methylimmidazolium bis(trifluormethylsulfonyl)imid, TMK 4,4′-bis(dimethylamino)thiobenzophenone, [HMIM][PF6] 1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate, H2L N,N′-bis(2-salicylaldiminato)-1,8-diamino-3,6-dioxaoctane, HOX 8-hyroxyquinolone, PAN 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2 naphthol, Salophen N,N′-bis (salycilidene)-1,2-phenylenediamine