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Table 1 LA-MCICPMS instrument and operational parameters

From: U–Th isotopic microanalysis of zircon reference materials and KBSI working standards

 Instrument Nu Plasma II
 RF power 1300 W
 Reflected power < 1 W
 Mixed gas and flow rate Ar, ~ 0.9 L/min
 Auxiliary gas and flow rate Ar, 0.8 L/min
 Cool gas and flow rate Ar, 13 L/min
 Sampler cone Ni (1 mm orifice)
 Skimmer cone Ni (0.7 mm orifice)
 Data acquisition mode Time resolved analysis
 Integration times 0.4 s
 Collectors 2 Faraday cups and 2 ion counters
 Measured isotopes 238U, 232Th, 230Th, 228 mass
Laser ablation system
 Laser ESI machines 193 nm ArF excimer laser
 Ablation mode Single hole drilling
 Cell Two volume 2 cell (10 × 10 cm)
 Sample transport tubing 0.5 m length
 Pulse repetition rate and width 10 Hz, < 4 ns
 Pulse energy density ~ 6 J/cm2
 Ablation duration 30 s
 Carrier gas and flow rate He, 0.3 L/min
 Crater size 30 μm
 Drill depth ~ 15 μm