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Table 1 Assigned values for different peaks in FT-IR

From: Instrumental characterization of organic wastes for evaluation of vermicompost maturity

Wave number/cm−1 Vibration Functional group
3300-3500 O–H stretch Phenols and carboxylic groups
3180-3090 NH2 strech Primary amides
2925-2850 C–H stretch Aliphatic methylene groups of lipids and fats
2590-2560 S–H stretch Thiol group
1740-1720 C=O Aldehyde, ketone, carboxylic acids and esters
1655-1640 C=O
Amide I, carboxylates
Aromatic ring modes, alkenes
1570-1550 N–H deformation and C=N stretch Amides II
1515-1510 Aromatic C=C stretch Lignin
1421-1410 COO stretch
C–N stretch
Carboxylic acids
Amide III
1384 N–O stretch Nitrate band
1320 C–N stretch Aromatic primary and secondary amines
1000-1100 C–O stretch
Si–O stretch
Clay minerals
875 C–O out of plane Carbonate
850-750 NH2 out of plane Primary amine group
750-700 N–H wag Secondary amine group
680-610 S–O bends Inorganic sulphates
  1. Source: Grube et al. (2006); Smidt and Meissl (2007); Deka et al. (2011); Lv et al. (2013); Ravindran et al. (2013)