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Table 1 Regression and sensitivity parameters for UPLC analysis of LOS

From: Rapid ultra-performance liquid chromatography assay of losartan potassium in bulk and formulations

Parameter Value
Linearity range, μg mL−1 2.0 to 15.0
Slope (b) 95,938
Intercept (a) −3,271.6
Standard deviation of intercept (S a ) ±5,726.3
Standard deviation of slope (S b ) ±591.7
Correlation co-efficient (r) 0.9999
Limit of detection (LOD), μg mL−1 0.0543
Limit of quantification (LOQ), μg mL−1 0.018
± t S a / n 4,581.7
± t S b / n 473.4