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Table 2 Comparison of SG-N-PhenacylPyrNTf 2 adsorption capacity for La(III) reported in the present study with other SPE materials

From: New solid phase extractor based on ionic liquid functionalized silica gel surface for selective separation and determination of lanthanum

SPE material Adsorption capacity (mg g−1) Reference
SG-N-PhenacylPyrNTf2 167.08 Present study
H,PEG400, PWa 220.80 (Zhang et al. 2009)
H,PEG400, PMo 214.40 (Zhang et al. 2009)
TA-MWCNTsb 5.35 (Tong et al. 2011)
MRHc 175.40 (Awwad et al. 2010)
Turbinaria conoides biomass 154.70 (Vijayaraghavan et al. 2010)
Powderized leaves of Platanus orientalis 28.65 (Sert et al. 2008)
MLTBCd 120.00 (Chen 2010)
XAD-4-OVSCe 2.30 (Jain et al. 2001)
  1. aPolyethyleneglycol (PEG)-phosphomolybdic (PMo)/phosphotungstic (PW) heteropolyacids; bmultiwalled carbon nanotube modified with tannic acid; cmodified rice Husk activated carbon; dmodified low-temperature bamboo charcoal; eamberlite XAD-4-o-vanillinsemicarbazone.